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Cheapest painters in VIC?

The Cheapest Painters in Victoria / Melbourne ?

The cheapest painters in Victoria / Melbourne ?
Did you want the worst job in Victoria or the best, or somewhere in-between? "You get what you pay for" certainly applies in this industry - if you just want someone to 'slap on some paint' with no real care, skill or consideraiton - then please don't call us - we'll only do the job if you want the job done properly. If you want the job done properly, then certainly call us.

Why use Curelea Painting?
Sadly, many people engage tradesman on a simple principle: Call 3 painters for quotes, look at what's included, but then ultimately decide based on the cheapest of the 3 quotes. Anyone can pick up a pot and paint brush and say they're a painter. Don't wait till after your project is mid-way (to disaster) to realise you've hired someone that's not a professional, or is a sloppy professional. Often people get stung and find that the effort, cost of rectification (now or later), and disapointment is not worth the effort. Why not do it properly from the start?

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