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Do It Yourself, DIY Painting?

Why Avoid Do It Yourself 'DIY Painting' ?

Going for Do It Yourself 'DIY Painting' ?

Repainting a house is no easy task! Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding on whether to choose DIY Painting & Decorating, or to use a Professional and Experienced Painter and Decorator. Painting broadly speaking requires:

- Understanding surface compatibility (eg. what paint was used before, what to use to allow adhesion, what new paint is best to put on?)
- Following Health & Safety Requirements - for scaffolding and ladders, working with Chemicals and other hazards. Don't risk your life!
- Choosing professional, durable and quality Materials
- Skillful application and integration of Materials. - Experienced use of the right professional tools and equipment.
- Experience in trouble-shooting various problems.
- Masking areas to avoid damage to furnishings, floor boards, etc.
- Insurance Cover for Yourself, Project, Public, the Ferrari outside, etc.
- Integrating with other tradesman ensuring correct timing of coatings, and completion that does not delay other trades or the overall project.
- Lots of Time (Consultation, preparation and repair, application, further preparation, final application, clean-up)

Home-renovation TV shows make DIY Painting look so easy! Don't be fooled, without an experienced team on the job, your DIY Painting project could last many painful, costly months. If a home is not carefully painted, it will also effect future repainting - nobody likes to paint over sloppy work or work that is not done correctly. It can be a lot more costly to rectify, in some cases the damage can't be undone.

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